Values and Code of Conduct form the foundation for our sustainability efforts

Our values and our Code of Conduct form the foundation for our sustainability efforts. Our values are customer orientation, co-operation, reliability, expertise and results. Our Code of Conduct is based on these values, and they describe the ethical foundation of our operating rules and values and our sustainability. At the heart of our strategy is satisfied customers, which we aim to reach through a first-rate service experience, sustainable operations and customer orientation, not to mention with our enterprising and motivated personnel.


First-rate service experience

  • Personal and readily available service 
  • Broad network of branch offices 
  • Comprehensive digital service channels 
  • A pro-active approach 


Sustainability and customer orientation

  • The company’s CSR efforts are at the core 
  • Customer-oriented development of product and service offering 


Enterprising and motivated personnel

  • We support career development through continuous development and training 
  • Varied and sustainable work 
  • A significant proportion of our personnel are owners of the bank