We are committed to promote collective well-being

We are strongly committed to working on behalf of the well-being of Finnish society. We actively promote and develop the vitality of local and regional communities by offering jobs outside urban areas and by financing local SMEs. In addition, our main shareholders, local savings bank foundations and co-operatives distribute grants and subsidies for non-profit purposes every year. We contribute to society indirectly through our economic impact, for example, through the taxes we pay. These proceeds are used to safeguard the basic functions of society and build well-being. Our business is steered by our Code of Conduct. In 2018, there were no reports of breaches of our Code of Conduct. 

Collective well-being


We are committed to promoting sustainable economic growth and productive employment. The salaries and social benefits paid to personnel have a positive effect on employees, and through them, on the surrounding communities. We also enjoy collaborating with educational institutions, and we offer several training positions and permanent jobs suitable for a range of educational levels. We promote the well-being and financial literacy of children and adolescents through our involvement in various programmes that teach financial literacy.

Oma Onni is a web-based learning environment for developing young people’s financial literacy. Approximately 2,500 pupils in secondary school are currently using Oma Onni in Finland. Six foundations that own Oma Savings Bank, one co-operative and seven organisers of upper secondary education are involved.

Yrityskylä is a learning environment on working life, the economy and society that is aimed at sixth- and ninth-grade pupils. It operates nationwide in eight regions and is based on the Finnish school curriculum. As much as 75% of sixth-graders participated in Yrityskylä in the 2018–2019 school year.

It is important to us to promote the vitality of local communities in Finland and the success of entrepreneurs living outside urban centres, which is why we are the first bank in Finland to support, together with the European Investment Bank, micro-entrepreneurs and social enterprises. The agreements are based on the EU’s programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI). In addition, in 2018 we signed an agreement with the Nordic Investment Bank on a loan programme for financing SMEs, small midcaps and environmental projects.