Credit ratings

As an issuer, OmaSp currently has a credit rating from an international credit rating agency. The bank's mortgage banking covered bond program also has a credit rating and individual issues under the program or any other bond issues that may be made by OmaSp may be assigned a credit rating.

  • Standard & Poor's has confirmed a credit rating of BBB+ for Oma Savings Bank’s long-term borrowing in September 2020, as well as a rating of A-2 for short-term borrowing. In May 2020, Standard & Poor's changed the outlook for Oma Savings Bank's long-term credit rating from stable to negative with the change in the BICRA (Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment) rating, which describes the state of the Finnish banking system. In January 2021, Standard & Poor's changed its BICRA rating, and at the same time Oma Savings Bank's credit rating outlook back to stable.
  • OmaSp's covered bond program and the covered bonds issued under it have a credit rating of AAA. The credit rating was confirmed in September 2020.