Insider guidelines

In matters of the inside circle, OmaSp shall comply with the EU’s Market Abuse Regulation and the lower level decrees based upon it, as well as the provisions of the Securities Market Act, the instructions provided by the authorities and the currently valid rules of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd’s guidelines and insider instructions. OmaSp's Board has authenticated insider instructions, which bind everyone working for OmaSp and all Board members

Head of Legal controls compliance

OmaSp’s Head of Legal controls compliance with insider guidelines and maintains the OmaSp’s insider lists. The duties of Head of Legal in the area of insider management include inter alia

  • internal information on and training in insider matters
  • submitting insider lists on request to the Financial Supervisory Authority
  • maintaining a list of the managers and persons closely associated with them obligated to notify their transactions
  • notifying management members of their obligations
  • controlling insider matters

Trading restriction and closed period

The closed period of 30 calendar days before the publication of interim reports, the half year report and the financial statements, provided by the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), will be applied to management members and other persons defined by OmaSp’s insider guidelines. During the closed period, the management members are prohibited from dealing in OmaSp’s financial instruments. OmaSp has imposed a 30-day closed period also on persons participating in the preparation of the bank’s financial reports or other persons who receive information about OmaSp’s result before it is disclosed.