The largest savings bank in Finland

OmaSp is a growing Finnish bank, and one of the largest savings banks in Finland when measured by total assets. OmaSp focuses on retail banking and operates also in mortgage banking. Profitable OmaSp is a solvent bank and its balance sheet total is EUR 2.8 billion (30 September 2018).

Interim reports and half-year financial reports

CORRECTED: Interim Report 1.1.-30.9.2018 (pdf) 
Interim Report 1.1.-30.9.2018 (pdf) 
Interim Report H1/2018 (pdf) 
Interim Report H1/2017 (pdf) 
Interim Report H1/2016Interim Report H1/2016 (pdf)
Interim Report H1/2015Interim Report H1/2015 (pdf)
Interim Report H1/2014 (pdf)