General on Oma Savings Bank's business

OmaSp is a growing Finnish bank and based on total assets, the largest savings bank in Finland. Over 270 professionals provide nationwide services through OmaSp’s 40 branches and digital service channels to approximately 135,000 customers. OmaSp is focused primarily on retail banking operations and provides its clients with a broad range of banking services. OmaSp is also engaged in mortgage banking operations.  Our core aim is to provide personal service and to be local and close to our customers, both in digital and in traditional channels. We aspire towards premium level customer experience through personal service and easy accessibility. Approximately 80 per cent of our customer base comprises private customers, and the remaining roughly 20 per cent corporate clients, the majority of which comprise small and mid-sized enterprises.

Over the past few years OmaSp has managed to expand its total operating income and balance sheet rapidly by providing its customers with highly accessible and excellent customer service, as per its strategy. Total operating income was EUR 54,352 thousand in 2015, EUR 60,339 thousand in 2016 and EUR 74,091 thousand in 2017. Balance sheet total instead was EUR 1,932,328 thousand in 2015, EUR 2,150,768 thousand in 2016 and EUR 2,726,567 thousand in 2017. 

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