Open, active and truthful

OmaSp’s key communication principles are consistency, fairness, timeliness, truthfulness and comprehensibility. The bank communicates both positive and negative information consistently and simultaneously to all.

OmaSp seeks to proactively meet and interact with capital market representatives and media. The objective of the meetings is to provide useful information on the bank and its operating environment. During meetings, information is provided within the limits of previously publicly disclosed information and accurately in accordance with such information. New, yet undisclosed information or complementary information that in conjunction with previously disclosed information could constitute information which could be regarded as insider information shall not be provided at these meetings. Upon request, OmaSp may review an analysis or report made by an analyst, but only with regard to the correctness of the information and based on disclosed information. OmaSP does not comment on the Company valuation or give preference to any particular analyst or distribute analyst reports to the investment community.

Financial releases and publications

A silent period precedes all periodically published financial reports, beginning 30 days prior to the publication of the following financial report. During this time, OmaSp’s representatives do not meet with capital market representatives or issue statements regarding the bank’s business prospects, markets, financial performance or outlook to the media or other parties.

The bank publishes

  • a half-year financial report
  • Q1 and Q3 interim reports
  • a financial statements release
  • an annual report
  • a report of the Board of Directors in connection with the publication of the financial statement
  • a Corporate Governance Statement and Remuneration Statement in connection with the report of the Board of Directors

The CEO of OmaSp is in charge of the bank’s communications. The CEO and Financial and Administrative Officer are primarily responsible for relations with capital market representatives. Chief Communication Officer is primarily in charge of media relations.