OmaSp’s customers value our personnel

Satisfied and knowledgeable employees form the basis for OmaSp’s success. Our personnel is entrepreneurial, skilled and committed to bank's strategy and customer centric and friendly service. OmaSp’s customers’ satisfaction with their own contact person was 4.7./5  in the Parasta palvelua -study which was conducted in December 2020.

The overall personnel satisfaction is very high (4.4/5) and the personnel is committed to OmaSp according the personnel study conducted in December 2020. Approximately 53 per cent of OmaSp's employees are also shareholders in the the bank.

OmaSp suports career development

OmaSp values ​​and supports the career development of its staff through training and continuous development. The Bank has its own customized OmaSp Master training program, which has been implemented in cooperation with the Synergos Research and Education Center of the University of Tampere. The program is common to bank experts and supervisors. The Bank also organizes training weeks for all staff, with the aim of developing their professional skills. In addition to continuous and regular training, the Bank offers supervisors and experts an opportunity to complete, for example, an LKV degree.