OmaSp shares held by management

The following table sets forth the number of Shares owned by OmaSp's members of the Board of Directors and Management Team and the CEO as at 30 September 2018:

NamePositionShares% of all shares /  % of all votes (1)
Pasi SydänlammiChief Executive Officer77,7500.26/0.26
Pasi TurtioDeputy CEO, Customer Operations Director55,4000.18/0.18
Sarianna LiiriChief Financial and Administrative Officer27,8000.09/0.09
Minna SillanpääChief Communications Officer19,4500.05/0.05
Helena JuutilainenHead of Legal16,7750.05/0.05
Kimmo TapionsaloChief Risk Officer23,6000.06/0.06
Total 220,7750.67/0.67

1) OmaSp has one series of shares and each share entitles its holder to one vote at the general meeting. OmaSp owns 11,700 of the company’s own shares, which do not entitle to any voting rights at the general meeting as long as the OmaSp owns them.