Stakeholders’ expectations serve as the starting point for our sustainability efforts

Open dialogue with our stakeholders is important to us. We have identified six important stakeholder groups that we communicate with every day. Well-functioning stakeholder co-operation increases transparency and a common understanding about our operations and how we develop them. We develop our operations in accordance with the perspectives and hopes of our stakeholders, and their expectations also serve as the starting point for our sustainability efforts.

Stakeholder co-operation
  1. Customers. At the heart of the service offering are daily banking services intended for private and corporate customers. Customers expect from us good, continuous and personal service in all our service channels, as well as competitive products. Diverse service channels, good availability and confidentiality are considered important. 

  2. Our owners and investors. Our owners and investors expect our operations to provide good shareholder value and to generate a sufficient return on investments. They also place importance on open and active dialogue and clear communication. Approximately 76% of Oma Savings Bank’s shares belong to non-profit organisations. The largest individual owner is the savings bank foundation Etelä-Karjalan Säästöpankkisäätiö, with a roughly 35% stake. In 2018, we were listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Oy stock exchange, thanks to which the bank now has more than 1,700 shareholders.

  3. Authorities: We engage in active dialogue with various authorities. The authorities expect us to comply with the legislation and requirements and to react to any changes. 

  4. Co-operation partners and the media: We collaborate with different co-operation partners, subcontractors and the media. Importance is placed on a safe partnership with shared values. The media, for its part, expects open communication and active dialogue. 

  5. Personnel: We employ approximately 300 experts in different parts of Finland. Our personnel expect a stable and attractive workplace where they enjoy being at work. Our employees are highly enterprising people. Opportunities for personal development and to influence as well as an appreciation of expertise are considered important. Personnel also expects fair and equal treatment.