Aiming for the highest customer satisfaction in the industry

Oma Savings Bank Plc is a profitably growing Finnish bank and the largest savings bank in Finland based on total assets. OmaSp's business focuses mainly on retail banking and offers its customers a wide range of banking services both through its own balance sheet and through the products of its partners. The products range include credit, investment and loan security products. The bank also operates in mortgage banking. The bank also engages in mortgage banking. At core of the bank's competitive strategy is differentiation through customer experience and service. Our strategic goal is the highest customer satisfaction and recommendation rate in the banking industry among our most important customer groups, i.e. retail customers, SMEs and agricultural and forestry customers.

The bank’s aim is to strengthen its market position in its respective area and among all the above-mentioned customer groups. Growth is sought in the business areas where it is possible to implement it at any given time, meeting the objectives related to profitability and risk management. Oma Savings Bank has been one of the most profitable and effective banks in Finland already for years, and the aim is to maintain this position in the future as well. The development of business volumes is based on organic growth, but reorganisations are also possible in the future.

The company’s personnel is committed and the bank seeks to support their career development with versatile tasks and continuous development. A substantial part of the personnel also own shares in the company.


Fostering excellent customer experience

OmaSp strives to be a bank of satisfied customers that is local and close to its customers and offers the best service locally. As a bank, OmaSp is also a reliable banking partner for its customers, managing its customers’ and its own financial affairs diligently, persistently and reliably.

We strive for a first-class customer service experience

  • focusing on key banking services developed according to customers' needs and providing them with added value
  • by knowing our customers well and responding quickly to changing customer needs
  • being easily accessible through advanced digital service channels and an extensive branch network

We are looking for profitable growth

OmaSp believes that excellent customer service will accelerate growth. In line with our strategy, instead of price competition, we focus on excellent customer service and good and fast accessibility of services by operating local and close in our digital and physical service channels. High customer satisfaction and referral rates improve additional sales of services, customer loyalty and reduce customer turnover.

In line with our strategy

  • we create value for our customers with professional service in the long run.
  • our entire organization participates in new customer acquisition by proactively highlighting the benefits of good and competent customer service.
  • we only aim for growth when it can be implemented profitably and without taking excessive risks.
  • we implement our growth strategy by taking care of the profitability of customer relationships, efficient operations, keeping refinancing costs low, effective risk management and high solvency and solvency.
  • an efficient and low administrative organization keeps administrative costs low.

OmaSp's strategy also includes strong investments in the digital channels: services are automated to reduce costs without compromising the customer service experience..