We take care of our personnel

We employ 300 motivated and enterprising experts in various parts of Finland. A significant proportion of our personnel are also the bank’s shareholders, which contributes to their commitment and work motivation. We promote and maintain the diversity of our work community by recruiting experts of all ages. The gender and age distribution in our company is on a more equal footing than average. We assign varied tasks that entail responsibility and we offer training opportunities to our employees. We also ensure that our employees enjoy their work and a high level of well-being, both physically and mentally. Personnel with a high level of well-being and customers who are satisfied lay the foundation for our bank’s progress and success also going forward.

Sustainability and personnel


We offer our employees varied tasks and responsibility, in addition to which, we support their career development through advancement and training opportunities. For us, a learning work community where employees can develop themselves in the manner of their choosing is important. The competence of our personnel is also a key competitive factor, therefore, we continuously work to improve it. One example of this is the OmaSp Master training programme that we created together with the University of Tampere. The first supervisors and experts graduated from the programme in spring 2018. 

This training programme was strongly inspired by the aim of developing supervisory work. We also recognised the importance of the role of experts, and thus decided to implement the training package for a group that included both experts and supervisors. 
Administrative Officer, Sarianna Liiri 


We monitor our employees’ well-being, work satisfaction and satisfaction with the employer through annual personnel satisfaction surveys. We also keep track of work absences and the number of hours spent in training. We also continuously work to prevent bullying at the workplace. Our annual goal is to achieve the highest rating in employee work satisfaction in the sector. Based on the 2018 survey, our personnel’s work satisfaction is at a very high level.