Four sustainability themes

OmaSp’s sustainability programme is based on the company’s values, Code of Conduct, stakeholder expectations and megatrends in the operating environment. Through these aspects, we have identified four sustainability themes that are important to us and which we have linked to our sustainability programme: we are local and close to the customer, we take care of our personnel, we promote collective well-being and contribute to sustainable development.


Sustainability programme


We are local and close to the customer. People-oriented customer service that is personal and readily available is important to us. We manage a broad network of offices and comprehensive digital service channels. We regularly monitor customer satisfaction and we actively listen to our customers and develop our product and service offering with a customer-oriented approach.
Sustainability and customers

We care about our employees, so we diversely promote their well-being. In addition, we promote and maintain the diversity of our work community, as well as varied work that entails responsibility. We consider a learning work community important, which is why we support the career development of our employees through continuous competence development and training. We regularly monitor personnel satisfaction.
Sustainability and personnel

We promote collective well-being. We are strongly committed to working on behalf of the well-being of Finnish society. We actively promote and develop the vitality of local communities by offering jobs outside urban areas and by financing local SMEs. The education and competence of Finns is especially important to us, which is why we promote the well-being and financial literacy of children and adolescents.
Collective well-being

We contribute to sustainable development. The financial sector plays a major role in promoting sustainable development in society and globally. We enable sustainable investments in both new technology and services. Sustainable development is one of the guiding perspectives in our financing decisions. In terms of our operations, our goal is to chart and minimise the emissions we generate. In relation to that, we set targets for the years ahead.
Sustainable development