Through our financing decisions we contribute to sustainable development

We know that the financial sector plays a major role in promoting sustainable development in society and globally. Sustainable development is one of the guiding perspectives in our financing decisions. We aim to steer assets toward targets that are sustainable for the well-being of the environment, the climate and people. Through our financing decisions we can also promote the development of green products and services by enabling sustainable investments. Going forward, our aim will be to increase our customers’ awareness of the state of the environment. For that reason, in future we will also examine the impacts of our own operations on the environment, biodiversity and the climate. 

Sustainability development


We aim to ensure the financial sustainability of both society and individuals, now and for years to come. Therefore, sustainable development is the starting point for our financing solutions. We believe that in our financing decisions we must also bear responsibility for our customers’ financial well-being. We implement our decisions in a way that is sustainable both for us and for our customers: 

  • We focus mostly on granting secured loans to solvent customers. 
  • We work to combat the increase in short-term loans and we teach young people financial literacy through, among other things, the Oma Onni programme.

A large percentage of our corporate customers are SMEs or agriculture and forestry customers. Through our financing decisions we can promote the development of environmentally sustainable products and services through these companies. We enable sustainable investments in both new technology and services. Together with the Nordic Investment Bank (NIB), we are financing not only SMEs and midcaps, but also numerous environmental projects. These projects may include, e.g., renovation projects to improve the energy efficiency of residential buildings. Going forward, our aim will be to increase our customers’ awareness of the state of our environment.

In terms of our own operations, our goal is to minimise our impacts on the environment, biodiversity and the climate. We take advantage of opportunities to work remotely, and we encourage our employees to use public transport to get to work. As a means of boosting our own environmental efforts, in the near future, we will examine the environmental impacts of our operations and report on our carbon footprint. In terms of customers travelling to conduct business with us, we can minimise emissions caused by travel by developing digital services and enabling remote meetings, e.g., using the Oma Konttori app.