OmaSp shares held by board

The following table sets forth the number of shares owned and shareholdings of companies controlled by OmaSp's members of the Board of Directors and Management Team and the CEO. The information is based on the list of owners / shareholders of Euroclear Finland Oy, latest updates 3.7.2020.


% of all shares /  % of all votes (1)

Jarmo SalmiChairman of the Board1 6280,01/0,01
Jyrki MäkynenVice Chairman of the Board12 1910,04/0,04
Aila HemminkiMember of the Board5 5290,02/0,02
Aki JaskariMember of the Board6 0000,02/0,02
Timo KokkalaMember of the Board7 5000,03/0,03
Heli KorpinenMember of the Board3 7930,01/0,01
Jaana SandströmMember of the Board12000,01/0,01
Total 33 2120,14/0,14


OmaSp shares held by management

NamePositionShares% of all shares /  % of all votes 
Pasi SydänlammiChief Executive Officer77,7500.26/0.26
Pasi TurtioDeputy CEO, Customer Operations Director55,4000.18/0.18
Helena JuutilainenHead of Legal16,7750.05/0.05
Sarianna LiiriChief Financial and Administrative Officer25,0000.09/0.09
Ville RissanenDirector of the Digital Services6,9000.02/0.02
Minna SillanpääChief Communications Officer20 1810.06/0.06
Kimmo TapionsaloChief Risk Officer23,6000.06/0.06
Total 222 6060.70/0.70

OmaSp has one series of shares and each share entitles its holder to one vote at the general meeting.