The largest savings bank in Finland

OmaSp has been one of the most profitable and efficient banks in Finland in recent years. Focusing on our excellent service experience and close-to-person banking service, as well as the good work of our staff, will form the basis for our future development of OmaSp.

Interim reports and half-year financial reports

Interim Report Q3/2020 
Interim Report H1 2020 
Pillar III Disclosure Report on capital adequacy and risk management 30 June 2020 
Interim Report Q1 2020 
Interim Report Q3 2019 
Interim Report H1 2019 
Interim Report Q1 2019 
CORRECTED: Interim Report 1.1.-30.9.2018 (pdf) 
Interim Report 1.1.-30.9.2018 (pdf) 
Interim Report H1/2018 (pdf) 
Interim Report H1/2017 (pdf) 
Interim Report H1/2016Interim Report H1/2016 (pdf)
Interim Report H1/2015Interim Report H1/2015 (pdf)
Interim Report H1/2014 (pdf)