OmaSp is on the path of strong growth

OmaSp is a Finnish retail bank and the country’s largest savings bank in terms of balance sheet total. Our mission is to help our customers prosper by providing them financial skills and tools for success. As our slogan states, we are local and close to our customers - both physically and digitally. 

We have been able to successfully respond to the challenges set by the continuously changing operating environment. We have extended our service hours in response to customer expectations, and now most of our branches offer evening service as well. An increasing number of meetings are also organised at our customers' convenience in their own homes. Our customers have been satisfied with the geographical expansion of our operations. Lahti and Jyväskylä's new branch offices in 2017 have been successful. In 2018, we strengthened our operations in Finland's most important growth centers in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Oulu and Turku.

We have developed our digital service channels, in which people interact with people and customers can receive personalised service from their own service advisors. We want to ensure that our customers receive equally good service experiences from both our digital channels as well as our physical branches.

Entrepreneurial and motivated personnel

The Bank implemented a second employee offering as part of the IPO in November 2018. The first employee contribution was implemented in 2017. A significant number of our employees are owners of OmaSp, which increases personnel commitment and motivation. Customer satisfaction is a direct outcome of the good work of our personnel. Job satisfaction and well-being reflect positively on our customers. Together they form the foundation for our bank’s development and success in the future, as well. We are continuously investing in the competence of our employees as it is one of our most essential competitive factors.

The initial public offering as part of growth strategy

The objective of the planned initial public offering and listing of shares is to improve our ability to continue the successful implementation of our growth strategy, as well as to improve our financial and strategic flexibility. The IPO will allow us to broaden our ownership base and thus increase the liquidity of our shares, and provide new shareholders with the opportunity to participate in our development. The raised funds would be used to strengthen our capital structure, which provides a better foundation for the implementation of our growth strategy.

A financially sound bank

We have adopted a dividend policy which targets a steady and growing dividend. The amount and timing of the dividend payout depend on future performance, financial position, cash flow, investment needs, solvency, among with other factors. 

We have strong evidence of continuous and profitable growth. For the past few years, our well-established bank has been one Finland’s most profitable and efficient banks. This is something we plan to cherish also in the future by focusing on good customer experience and efficient operations. We are pursuing 10-15 per cent annual growth in total returns under the current market conditions. 

We promise to offer our customers the best customer experience through our digital service channels as well as personal encounters. I am happy, that a new and fresh listed company from the financial sector will become a part of Nasdaq Helsinki.

I would like to warmly welcome you as an OmaSp shareholder. 

Pasi Sydänlammi
Chief Executive Officer